An Inter-Denominational Church Extension Fund

Doing Ministry While You Bank

CRG is a Church Extension Fund providing loans, investments, and capacity-building consulting services to churches, faith-based ministries, and K-college, Christian education.

CRG serves inter-denominational churches, and all types of Christian ministries, and our top priority for 2024... is Christian education from kindergarten through college.

CRG pledges to provide the resources needed to create new faith communities, expand existing ministries, build facilities, multiply outreach programs, and reach more students.

CRG seeks to expand the Kingdom of God by collaborating with like-minded churches, ministries, and Christian schools to provide the needed resources through financing and fundraising.

Proverbs 3:9 - Honor the LORD with your wealth and with the first fruits of all your produce; ESV

We believe there is an abundance of divinely inspired, contemporary tools and strategies readily available to successfully launch, grow, and sustain your ministry’s Kingdom work. Our greatest strength is that we have access to these resources. We know how to apply them to address the most vexing challenges facing Christian organizations today and then we turn the resources over to you so that we are no longer needed.

We truly believe God will steer… but you have to row and we can show you how.


CRG makes loans to churches, faith-based ministries, and Christian schools for all types of projects such as purchasing a building or land, construction of facilities, and to expanded outreach programs to change lives for the glory of God. In addition, we offer small loans for capital items such as furnishings, roofs, A/V equipment, HVAC systems, or to update your sanctuary.


CRG provides affordable financing for all types of inter-denominational organizations. As an investor, you want an excellent rate of return. As a Christian, you are passionate about lives being changed for the glory of God and we do both. We provide investors with an excellent rate of return to, in turn, fuel church and ministry growth. Our role as a Church Extension Fund is to connect investors to churches, faith-based ministries, and Christian schools.


CRG's consulting services include short-term annual operating campaigns or long-term major gifts capital campaigns. We can build a more active engaged Board of Directors or create a concrete, measurable Strategic Plan. We are seasoned experts at increasing relevancy, enhancing credibility, and raising visibility to ensure your financial sustainability and advance your mission for greater Kingdom impact!


Who we serve

  • Churches
  • Christian Schools
  • Missionary Organizations
  • Human Services Ministries
  • Youth Programs and Camps
  • Counseling Centers
  • Retreat Centers

... and many other types of faith-based organizations with different focuses and purposes.

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About us

CRG is a 501(c)3 Church Extension Fund that exists to further the efforts of the Kingdom of God by resourcing churches, ministries, and Christian schools. We pray for our partners! We share our faith with those doing Kingdom work.

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